Design and implement monitoring and performance tracking program to ensure post-award results (savings, performance, service levels)


 Program design may include, but is not limited to:
  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Define and benchmark category requirements and metrics
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Contract compliance process
  • Data collection and tracking mechanisms
  • Grievance process
  • Reporting mechanisms, such as scorecards
  • Supplier Business Review
  • Corrective measures matrix
  • Continuous improvement process
  • Supplier handbook
  • Sourcing integration – performance metrics identified within the Supplier Relationship Program tie back to bid process
  • If software is needed, create and facilitate software bid


  • Customized supplier management manual to include step-by-step procedures, tools and templates
  • Monitoring and reporting mechanisms in place to track savings and performance
  • Updated supplier database with SLA / KPI information
  • Staff training with customized material and post-training checklist
  • Supplier handbook
  • Supplier portal
  • Supplier training
  • Software implementation, if needed

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