Provide a clear picture of your current state by analyzing and synthesizing spend, pricing, supplier portfolio, contracts, current sourcing program, and performance metrics


  • Customized data request
  • Stakeholder interviews to gather data, requirements, and existing metrics
  • Process: review current sourcing activities, supplier portfolio, contracts, policies, procedures, internal resources, and software
  • Spend: transaction level spend aggregation, categorization, and analysis
  • Contracts and pricing: full assessment of contract terms, conditions, and pricing for scope spend
    • Evaluate contracts using a 102-point checklist
    • Validate and benchmark pricing
    • Specification review


  • Written current state assessment and process map
  • Category spend profile
  • Price benchmark summary
  • Supplier and contract database associated with scope spend
  • Identified high volume and high risk suppliers that need new or renegotiated contracts
  • Summary of current performance metrics and service level requirements

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